Our Classes Are Specially Design to Stimulate Your Child's Growth and Education

Infant 1

While young children thrive on consistency and routines, we are aware that each child has its own personality and unique needs. But, to feel safe, children need to be able to predict what will happen next in their lives. That is why at Kare-A-Lot we follow routines every day in a warm and nurturing environment. Everything that we do with our children has been carefully planned with the safety and wellbeing of all children in mind.

We work closely with parents as partners and want to be supportive of your efforts to raise a healthy, happy and curious child.

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Infant 2

Your baby is now one-year old. So much has happened in the last year that it’s hard to comprehend. Routines and consistency are still an important part of their day but they are much more active, sitting up, crawling, scooting. Not quite toddlers and yet not infants these children need to be encouraged to explore within their limits. Eating is both fun and instructive and children learn watching each other. Music, books and stories are part of their busy day. They are becoming aware that they are independent people and it can be a little disconcerting. Their language is developing both in speech and understanding. They are on their way to becoming little people and it’s very exciting for all.

This is a very important year for you and them. We know that at Kare-A-Lot and we have planned the day in the Infant II room to match your child’s varied needs.

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Your toddler delights you with all they are learning to do and understand. At Kare-A-Lot we share that wonder and work to keep their curiosity safe and secure while they expand their worlds. Monthly themes direct activities but your child will be carefully supervised and directed as they explore communication and physical activities.

Experienced teachers will carefully introduce language, sensory awareness, colors, manipulatives, self-expression and story time. Classrooms are set up into learning centers, allowing the children to explore areas that are of interest to them.

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The Early Years (3-4)

At this age, our teachers focus on encouraging their students to learn by respecting their work, bolstering their self-images, exploring their interests, marveling in their creativity and offering a child-centered classroom. Teachers are trained to help your child safely expand their horizons to seek out information, explore new territory and make sense of all they encounter. We make every effort to build a love of learning in these classrooms. This includes special preparation for four-year-olds including tutoring to get children ready for Kindergarten.

To join our Preschool Room children must be three years of age and potty trained.

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